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We’re more then an app development shop. We’re a fully integrated team of product specialist, strategist, and business development experts.

We believe beautiful design and user-centered technology can transform businesses when it’s implemented thoughtfully. Unfortunately, often times applications are built with barriers that stand between the technology and the people who need them.

Founded in 2016 with a Austin, Texas headquarters, Brightscout now serves a number of the top brands and startups around the globe. Our growing team of experts spans 24 time zones - from San Francisco to London, Belgrade to Bangladesh and more.

Each person at Brightscout brings their own unique perspective and personality to the team and we value that - whether it’s an obsession for good coffee, love of memes, excitement for astrophysics, passion for travel, quest for exceptional food or something else.

Areas of Expertise

  • Multi-discipline Design

    Our design team is built with specialization in mind. Each team works together to execute at a high-level with velocity.

  • User Experience

    Well-executed UX can build a strong product foundation, challenge our assumptions and expose product flaws before they become issues.

  • Engineering

    Our engineering team is built to solve problems. We take pride in being the builders and fixers where others often fail.

  • Product Strategy

    Great ideas need to be nurtured. Early collaboration, feature planning and research can turn ideas in to powerful products.


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Led by enterprise software veterans, our team is comprised of trustworthy experts across a range of disciplines including project management, design, systems and network administration, security, devops, and development with experience on some of the most complex and interesting tech verticals.

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